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  • Totosites

    How would you move the related products section to underneath the product image and gallery on the single product page on the left hand side?

    I understand the principle off removing an action and the adding a new one but can’t seem to target the right parts. Thanks.

  • Tim McMorris

    Posted last year, but so valuable for me today! Thanks for this Mike, was able to understand and do things I have been try and failing at for a while now!!

  • Debbie Campbell

    Very helpful, thank you!

  • Very useful.

    WooCommerce is a beast with more code than any parent theme i know of.

    Thanks for the help

  • Absolute Deals

    Very helpful post. It explains the concept thoroughly. I would like to do display price and add to cart button on the same row (Price on left and add to cart on right). Even if i give both of them the same priority i.e. 10 one appears above other. Is there a way to get them on the same row? Any help is much appreciated

  • pramodpandey

    Its really help me.Thank you Mike.

  • adrien becker

    Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks ! Thanks !

  • Thanks a lot for this clear tutorial – it’s very useful!

  • sathar

    how to display woocommerce product page & single product page inside the jquery tabs

  • Thank you for the explanation. Somehow does step one works but step two not. I have tried different priority numbers all with no results. The add to cart won’t show anymore. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  • Andrew Schultz

    Can you remove/add actions based on the current product being viewed?

  • Pedro Andres Miguras Martin

    Hello. Great article. I made a plugin that do the same. You can disable/rearrange content inside the single product page and shop page. Also, you can remove checkout fields. I uploaded it to wordpress, so here you have the link https://wordpress.org/plugins/wooenhancer/ if someone is interested

    • Kinetic Roberts

      tried your plugin and Im most interested in the Product grid but it does not allow for title and image and gallery to extend across the 2 columns. without that functionality its not very customizable as we are still restricted to the 2 column product layout honestly a fullwidth for each element is needed especially when dealing with large numbeers of color swatches pn cariable products. also I understand english is not your native kanguage but an english option on your site would help immensely

  • Lorn64

    I have been stuck on this issue for weeks and i’m totally lost!

    At the bottom of my woocommerce shop on wp there are x3 boxes – pages (a list of all my pages) / categories and meta (which gives sign in details)

    I really want to hide these three boxes.
    If you can offer any help at all it would be massively appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    • Wild Pop

      Did you ever figure it out?

  • Simba Lion

    it looks as tho you’ve replaced the content of this post with a password.