WooCommerce Cart Reports
View cart abandonment statistics and graphs from your WooCommerce dashboard.

WooCommerce Role Based Methods
Limit different user roles to specific payment & shipping methods.


WooCommerce Advanced Product Quantities
Sell products in increments by setting minimum and maximum quantities as well as the intervals in between.

WooCommerce Thumbnail Input Quantities
Easily include a quantity input box on every product thumbnail within category views.

WooCommerce Category Banner
Place a custom banner at the top of your product category pages. Easily update the image through your product category edit page.

WooCommerce Product Navigation
Easily enable users to navigate from one product to the next with our next / previous product buttons.

WooCommerce API Lockdown
WooCommerce API Lockdown allows you to restrict what is available through your API on a site wide or per user basis with an easy to use admin panel.

WooCommerce Invoice Sharing
Enable user to share their invoices with as many email address as they like, all from the order review and view order pages.

WooCommerce Direct Variation Link
Link directly to a specific WooCommerce product variation using get variables

Email Piping For Woothemes’ Supportpress
A plugin utilizing email piping to allow ticket creation in Woothemes’ Supportpress via incoming email.