B2B & Wholesale Strategy

Account Creation Flow – Wholesale User Account Sign Up & Approval Process

Net 30 Accounts – give qualifying wholesale accounts access to net 30 terms and a net 30 payment method at checkout

Invoicing / Payment Collection – create manual orders through the website and allow customers to easily pay for said order online at a later date

Dynamic Wholesale Pricing Display – change retail pricing to wholesale pricing when logged in with qualified user account

Levels & Pricing Rules – Wholesale Levels, Tiered Pricing, and Volume Pricing

Customer Specific Pricing Rules – per product as well as per category or tag

Shipping & Payment Rules – show specific shipping & payment methods to wholesalers

Dropshipping – Automatically forward, sync, or email your incoming wholesale orders to 3rd party vendors and wholesale marketplaces

Order splitting – Partial Order / Sub Order Fulfillment

Cart Abandonment Insights – gain meaningful information about how your wholesalers are shopping and identify any potential checkout issues wholesalers might be facing (errors at checkout, shipping methods not available, etc) that prevent them from completing their order.

Form Abandonment Insights – collect and store partially filled out forms. This can be helpful as a certain percentage of people will think they submitted a form – but didn’t – or they got pulled in another direction and forgot to submit. In either case, the form data will be saved and you can follow up with them yourself if you feel there is a fit.

Wholesale Only websites – redirect all traffic to a sign-up / sign-in page.

Marketplace / Vendor Sites – Allow your wholesalers or vendors to list and sell their products through a separate website that you control